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Kelly creates awesome dinners and meals to go

At Kelly's Cuisine, we are focused on providing excellent services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet exceed your expectations.

We have a huge variety of meals to go, weekly specials, salads, dips, and more! Please see our menu page for a price list.

Do you have a special event that needs catering such as a luncheon, shower, tailgate party, or special dinner? We cater too!

About Kelly: Growing up in a Hampton, South Carolina, I learned the importance of family, friends and good food. I guess you could say I was raised in the kitchen. As a child, I seemed to always find my way into the kitchens of my mother and grandmother. I wanted to be with them and learn all that they could teach me. I spent many hours watching, listening and learning. Once mealtime rolled around, our house was filled with amazing scents rolling out of the kitchen and our home was bustling with activity as we all tried to be the first to sit down at the table. I didn't realize it at the time, but my parents and grandparents were on to something….it is important for us to sit down and eat as a family.

After completing my degree in education and teaching for twelve years, I was blessed with two children and wanted to stay at home with them. With the support of my amazing husband who shared this desire with me, we scrimped and saved and made this dream a reality. As they became a little older, I went back to teaching part time in a neighborhood pre-school. This was great. I was able to teach and be with my children. However, I kept feeling that this wasn't all that God had in store for me. Like any good southerner, I would always be willing to take food to those around me who were sick, just had babies or had lost a loved one. Every time I would take these meals, the compliments were abundant. I began to realize that I was passionate about cooking and helping people. I began to seek the Lord's will in this and the doors began to open.

As I shared my ideas with my close friends and family, they began to help me develop this idea into a dream which has evolved into Kelly's Cuisine. I began slowly by preparing frozen casseroles, soups and a few other items and having them on hand. Thanks to my friends being willing to spread the word, my business began to take off.

Then I began to think about the importance of eating together as a family. It is nearly impossible in today's world to work, take children to activities, help with homework, cook and clean for a family AND have time to sit and enjoy a meal together. Most people desire to have a home-cooked meal each night, but just don't have the time to pull it together. The idea of having hot and ready meals each night was born from this vision. It was at this point that I began collecting e-mail addresses and began to send out the weekly Kelly's Cuisine offerings.

I have been blessed by the gradual increase in ideas and support. After listening to the needs of friends and customers, I now am able to help prepare box lunches for schools, businesses and sales representatives. I also have tailgate and smaller event foods as well as the ability to cater lunches and dinners for large groups.

With the busyness of life, I want to help take the stress off of families. I want to help them be able to enjoy a nice dinner together and enjoy making memories around their own dinner tables.